Health and Healing Retreat Tour
in Mystical Bali

Thai Massage in Bali

Spiritual Adventure Tour
January 8-19, 2018

Come on your own or bring your partner, friends or family.
12 days and 11 nights

* A time for personal transformation
*Yoga and meditation every morning and evening
*Visit and receive treatments at beautiful (yet affordable) spas EVERY DAY
*Eat healthy organic meals everyday
*Sight See and Tour Sacred places

*Go on
"Spiritual Adventures" (Fun experiences that are unique, a little daring and have spiritual intention)

This is a beautiful opportunity to take time for yourself, to focus on nurturing yourself and to create time for personal transformation. We will be staying in four different
retreat settings that are tranquil and beautiful, all have a yoga or meditation studio. I will be bringing you to my favourite spas, a different one each day where you can receive massage, have a flower petal bath, exotic scrubs among many other treatments for a fraction of the cost that you are used to in the West and in incredibly decadent settings, aaaahhhh. We will go to wonderful organic restaurants with lotus gardens, art galleries and International cuisine. We hike to a secluded waterfall where we have a traditional barbq lunch prepared by Putu and his friends, we are brought to a private purification ceremony and experience so many unique excursions that we're calling this a "Spiritual Adventure Tour".

You have the option to extend your ticket past the group tour date or to leave before that date, if you wish it will all be organized for you. The price for the flight is usually between $800-$1200.


    Arrive in Bali and transportation awaits us to take us to Santra Putra Retreat Center and Art Gallery.

    3 Nights Stay in the Rice Fields near Ubud

    We will get settled in for 3 nights stay in 2-story bungalows in the peaceful setting of the rice fields. This is where I have stayed with the same family for the past 19 years every time I go to Bali, they are precious. Karja is a famous artist who has art shows internationally and is the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University. Made, his brother also has art shows and teaches painting and sculpture internationally. Karja will be leading us in a painting class, such an opportunity and a memorable experience. Santra Putra is 10 minutes outside of Ubud in the Camphuan/Penestanen area.
    We will start each day with yoga surrounded by Karja's art on the walls of the art studio. Breakfast is included.
    We will visit my favourite spas in Ubud each day there.
    I will take you out one evening to Traditional Balinese dancing at the temple grounds.
    You will have plenty of time for shopping, resting and exploring with others or on your own. Ubud is the artistic center of Bali with art galleries, music, dancing, and a lot of really, really good international (many organic) restaurants, spas, shopping, yoga centers, and environmental awareness groups.

    Transportation will pick us up in Ubud, we will tour Ulun Danu Beratan Lake temple, view vast rice terraces and then arrive in the north of Bali, Tejakula, at the Gaia Oasis Beach Resort and Spa

    3 Nights on the Beach and secluded Mountain Retreat
    This is a beautiful and peaceful health retreat center. Yoga and/or meditation sessions will be held twice a day at the retreat by the resident teacher and/or our teachers. All of our meals will be vegetarian (but with a seafood option) organic and included with our stay. It is set on a black sand beach and a second location at a mountain retreat with expansive views.
    With the sunrise we will have the option to go to The Holy Springs, or go on a hike to Les Waterfall or make your own hiking, resting, journaling or spa plans for the day.

    3 Nights stay in Sidemen
    www.cepikvilla.com. A small traditional village with very little tourism, in the beautiful and serene Cepik Villas, we have outdoor yoga and organic food with a gourmet chef.

    We will go back to the center of Bali to Ubud.

    2 Nights stay in the center of Ubud

    The day will begin with meditation. I will bring you to shop for silver jewelry - wholesale!! bring you to one more of my favorite spas in Ubud and you will have 2 days to shop, rest or tour the area.

    Transportation will be provided to the airport for your flight back or if you are extending your stay, we have ideas for accommodation and day trips.

It is a good idea to find a balance of time for yourself and time with others if your intention is for a transformational trip; allowing for reflection, deep relaxation and rejuvenation. This is a really wonderful opportunity to take care of yourself, create a shift or change in your life that is needed and to have a magical time in a mystical place in the world. Bali is a very special place to experience the mystical aspects of life. It is my favorite place in the world to go for relaxation, spiritual inspiration and decadent natural beauty. If this sounds and feels like something you would really get alot out of, please do not hesitate to call or email me for a more personal discussion and information.

While in Ubud, there will be a half day training/workshop in Traditional Thai massage, taught by the group leader, Janice Gagnon, founder of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage (pictured below).

While in Ubud an optional half day training in Traditional Balinese massage and spa treatments taught by a Balinese teacher Made Nasib, owner of the Beji Ayu Spa, at his newly built outdoor spa in the rice fields (pictured below).

He will teach us on location at the spa a variety of Balinese massage techniques as well as specialized spa treatments authentic to Bali such as Traditional Lulur massage followed by a flower petal herbal bath.


Balines Rice field


  • Relaxation and pampering at luxurious and unique spas that are affordable every day
  • 1/2 Day class in Balinese art and culture by Wayan Karja, painter (Included)
  • 1/2 Day training in Traditional Balinese massage and spa treatments taught by a Balinese teacher Made Nasib, owner of the Beji Ayu Spa in Ubud.
  • In Ubud see traditional Balinese music and dance performances - Legong, Kecak, Barong (included)
  • Tour Penestanan, a traditional village, including a visit to the family compound illustrating the design of the Balinese home and temple
  • Escorted temple visits during special Ceremonies. For these visits you will be dressed in a sarong and sash and instructed in procedures for your temple visit
  • Driving tours to other parts of Bali with an informative guide and reliable driver
  • Arrange a visit to a traditional stone carving family or other traditional crafts
  • Walk and explore the delightful rice field paths or hike Champuan Ridge (Included)
  • Enjoy wonderful inexpensive meals at the many beautiful restaurants in Ubud

Bali abounds with unique gifts and crafts, bargaining is expected in most shops. Just relax, no phones or busy schedules. Let the ducks entertain you, have a cup of fresh ginger tea, watch the changing light in the clouds, and visit with other guests

Health and Healing Tour
January 8-19, 2018
Cost: $1,695 U.S. Funds

We require a $500.00 deposit to secure your space and full payment 45 days prior to leaving. The fee is fully refundable up to 60 days before leaving.

If you are coming from another country the cost would be $1695.00 USD

I've worked out the extra costs for meals, spa treatments and miscellaneous expenses for someone on a
tight budget $350.00 and someone on a more flexible budget $700.00 and if you brought an extra $1000.00
you would be able to shop, indulge eat and drink whatever you want for your whole trip!

To register call Janice at 530-263-3181
or email us


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