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Costa Rica Retreat 2021

The Healing Medicine of an Open Heart

Metta first – Technique second
Using Intuition for deeper spiritual healing

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Costa Rica Retreat – Get Directions

15 CEU’s

About our CEU’sSpirit Winds School of Thai Massage is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing education Approved Provider #225

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Costa Rica Retreat  next dates TBA

This is a special retreat being offered as a collaboration between Janice Gagnon and Jennifer Tyler.

Thai Massage
15 CEUs

Thai Massage Training lead by Janice Gagnon:  Metta first technique second
The Spiritual healing aspects of Thai massage
Using your intuition for deeper healing from an energetic approach
Looking at “the big picture” with your client from a holistic point of view rather than just the physical aspects
Open-hearted loving kindness is one of the foundations of Traditional Thai massage. We will be exploring Metta through Thai healing interventions and technique as well as through guided meditation and spiritual teaching.



Guided and Silent meditation and satsang lead everyday by Jennifer Tyler: Retreats include opportunities to explore the natural condition of Being through: silent sitting, guided meditation, direct pointers (teaching talks), heart opening guided movement, spiritual inquiry, exploratory conversation, question/response, and sacred music. This meditation style is an opportunity to practice giving our minds to our hearts. When the attention is returned to the heart there is natural capacity for courage, forgiveness, kindness, discernment, innovation and creativity.  And there is an opportunity to directly experience the uncaused Love, uncaused Joy at the heart of Being.  When one courageously and sincerely returns the idea of a separate “me” to the wholeness of Reality, as it is, a revolutionary journey begins.


  • 8 Nights and 9 Days
  • First night at a Hot Springs Retreat in cabins
  • 7 nights in an intimate group setting at beautiful villas overlooking the ocean
  • Free time for reflection, journaling and relaxing on the beach or at the pool. After all you will be in Costa Rica! Yoga, meditation and Thai massage will be offered for 3-4 hours of the day, not necessarily all at once, so that there is plenty of free time to drop in to a deeper experience of yourself, to relax or to go on adventures.
  • Local adventures: surfing, horseback riding, zip-lining, ATVs, Mud baths, volcanoes, hotsprings, turtle nesting beach (optional)
  • Thai Massage treatments offered by your group leaders (retreat rate $60/hr)
  • Catered organic gourmet meals
  • Airport transfer
  • Jen  has lived in Costa Rica, with her as one of your guides, you will be enjoying a unique “off the beaten path” experience.


In this time on planet Earth many are being called to align with the evolutionary potential of Love.  This retreat offers opportunities to consciously discover and embody your heart, your soul, your spirit.  You will go home rejuvenated, refreshed and with tools that are useful in your daily life.  An open heart, an open mind, a connection to your essence, these are the pearls, the treasure of retreat.

This trip is for anyone who wants to weave these three practices– an ancient healing art based in metta, yoga, and spiritual awakening– into their lives in order to have tools to more fully embrace all of life.  Also for those wanting a heart felt adventure in a country whose national creed is “pura vida”, which directly translates as pure life but it can also mean “life is now” or “i am alive” and it is a statement of pure gratitude.  Pura vida is a feeling of acceptance and trust and being present. The good and the bad, the triumph and hardship is all Pura vida.


A peaceful setting in private villas with pools and yoga lofts overlooking Punta Guinones Beach (a 5 minute walk to the beach!)
There are 3 options for accommodations at the villas, please choose your preference while registering.
$1595 Dormitory (meaning sleeping mats on the floor in the yoga lofts).  There is availability for 6 spaces.
$1795 Double occupancy (a shared room with 2 twin beds).  There is availability for 6 spaces.
$1995 Single occupancy (a private room with a queen bed).  There is availability for 7 spaces.
We have availability for 16 participants and 3 leaders.

Spirit winds certification APPROVED NCBTMB CE PROVIDER
Spirit winds certification APPROVED Thai Massage Alliance Provider
Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing education Approved Provider #225


Costa Rica Retreat – Get Directions

Playa Guinone, Costa Rica


Janice Gagnon

Janice Gagnon

Thai massage Instructor and Thai Therapist

Janice Gagnon is the founder of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage located in Nevada City, CA. She has been studying throughout all regions of Thailand since 1997.  Janice is recognized as an Advanced Instructor and Therapist.  Janice has been providing sessions, trainings and International Retreats for over 21 years.  She also is a certified yoga teacher, Qi Gong instructor and has an extensive background in counselling and group facilitation.
Jennifer Tyler

Jennifer Tyler

Mediation leader and Thai Therapist

Jennifer Tyler (LMT11382) is a confirmed teacher in the lineage of Sharon Landrith and Adyashanti. For 30 years she has worked in the field of holistic healthcare including hospice nursing, bereavement counseling, spiritual guidance, traditional Thai healing and transformational healing sessions.  Her teaching points to the discovery of the ever-present, uncaused Love inherent as our essential nature. And to living AS this love, in the world, through our actions and choices. She is here to support, nurture and enliven the potential for recognizing the Peace at the core of our Being. With this recognition, we naturally unfold as the instrument, the pure expression of Life’s loving, fearless wisdom.  Jen has been spending winters in Costa Rica for the past 20 years and is networked with friends and resources in the local area. She resonates deeply with the open-hearted graciousness embodied in the land and people of “pura vida”..

For more info about Jen Tyler go to: http://www.fullcirclefamily.us/

Costa Rica Retreat 2021

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