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References & Testimonials

That’s What They Say About Us

School References

Letter of Reference

Chongkol Setthakorn, Founder

Institute of Thai Massage (ITM), Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Since 1996, Janice Gagnon has shown exceptional dedication to both the study and practice of Thai Massage. She has studied all levels available including Advanced Level Teacher Training here at the Institute of Thai Massage (ITM) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After several years of working with the methods in her sessions and classes, Janice returned to our school to master and perfect her knowledge and skills. Since her original training Janice had evidently worked extremely hard to fully understand this ancient healing art. Despite her years of study she enthusiastically decided to repeat the entire training process in order to fully integrate the intricacies of Traditional Thai Massage. Upon completion of Teacher Training in Advanced Levels (1999), ITM recognized Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage (Janice Gagnon, founder) as a “Sister School”. We at ITM know that students trained at Spirit Winds will receive the same high level of quality and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on here at ITM. Students who complete Levels I & II at Spirit Winds are immeditatly eligible for the next level of training at our Institute. Those who complete Levels III and IV at Spirit Winds can go through the Teacher Training at an excelerated rate.I personally and professionally highly recommend Janice Gagnon and Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage to anyone interested in learning the art of Traditional Thai Massage.”

Chongkol Setthakorn
Institute of Thai Massage (ITM),
Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 17, 2002

Letter of Reference

Julie Miller, Spa Manager

Franz Klammer Lodge, Telluride, Colorado

“Janice Gagnon of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage came to Telluride, Colorado in November 2001 to teach ten massage therapists the art of Thai Massage at the Franz Klammer Lodge. The franz Klammer Lodge is a private luxury resort with outstanding service standards. Janice Vitavec lived up to those standards in all regards. Her teaching manner left her students thoroughly enthralled and excited to learn. She presented the information in a very precise, yet efficient manner. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding the history and theory of Thai massage and her love of the art came through the moment we met her. She exceeded the expectations of her students and those of the Spa Manager who chose to bring her to Telluride. Not only is she an exceptional teacher, she is a joy to be around. We, at the Franz Klammer, highly recommend her.”

Julie Miller
Franz Klammer Lodge,
Telluride, Colorado
December 27th, 2001

Student Testimonials

“This was one of the most amazing classes I have ever taken. Thai massage has renewed my spirit as a therapist; allowing me to work smarter not harder. I found Janice’s compassion for her teachings and students to be most uplifting. An experience that I will never forget. I would recommend Spirit Winds for furthering your education or finding yourself.

Natalie H.So. Calif.
Levels 1 and 2

“This school is amazing! Janice is knowledgeable, informative, and teaches with an open heart and open mind. I am definitely going to be incorporating Thai massage in all of my sessions and hope to deepen my knowledge in the future. After 2 weeks of school my hands don’t hurt! My class became family and helped me throughout the whole experience. I love this place…everyone should come!!

Tera T.
Levels 1 and 2

“Janice is the best teacher I have ever had. The environment at Spirit Winds is inspiring, educational, and very loving. It was one of the most influential experiences of my life and I hope to keep in contact with everyone that I’ve met. I will definitely be back for more classes.

Sam B.
Levels 1 and 2

“Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage surpassed my highest expectations. Janice is a true professional; she brings passion, mindfulness and a warm spirit to each training class. The one-on-one attention received ensured comprehension of the Northern Style material. The space and setting in Nevada City were the perfect complement to this thorough course.Lisa M.

Las Vegas, NV
Levels 1 and 2

“I came to Spirit Winds without any massage experience. Janice led me through the program with a wise nurturing spirit. Her staff members are compassionate and experienced. Nevada City is beautiful with a tremendous number of specialty shops and fine dining. The two weeks spent in class transformed my life.

Trude W.
Levels 1 and 2

“Janice is truly a master. It was a pleasure learning from her. It will certainly deepen my practice and expand my ability to help my clients. I give her my highest recommendation.

Jahsun H.
Levels 1 and 2

“Thank you for the experience of your expert guidance and training. I’m so grateful I was guided to you for my teacher. I am already feeling a shift in my life through our time together.”

Rebecca Barmore,
Mokelumne Hill, CA
Thai For The Table, July 2006

“Thanks so much for creating this string of moments for all of us to share. As I go back to my life,I feel changed and invigorated and renewed. You’ve taught me, not only Thai massage, but how to live and thrive in an intentional life. For that I am eternally grateful.”

Harris Frank,
Santa Cruz, CA
Levels 1 and 2, June 2006

“I truly loved this experience and everybody involved. I’ve experienced something here that has deeply touched the way I will look at and approach bodywork. I believe the effects of Thai massage will be profound and lasting for myself as well as my clients.”

Denise Hurd, CMT
Austin, Texas
Levels I and II

“Learning Thai Massage helps me to better understand massage in a therapeutic way. The massage I’ve done has predominantly been for relaxation purposes, but with Thai I’m better able to directly identify physical therapy benefits.”

Sherri Tescher, CMT
Sacramento, California
Levels I and II

“Janice has so much enthusiasm and honesty in her practice and instruction–and that is rare in teachers I’ve encountered in the past.”Thai Levels I and II, or just the exposure to Thai Massage, from Janice is one of the best, if not the best class I’ve ever gone through. She teaches from the heart, is knowledgeable about what she knows best (bodywork), and the experience of going through this 2-week intensive has given me that rare opportunity to see for myself that this form of bodywork benefits not just the receiver but myself as well.”

Velvet Durano, CMT
Redondo Beach, California
Levels I and II

“I was looking for stretches that I could incorporate with western massage. This course met and exceeded expectations, I wasn’t expecting the spiritual connection. Thank you for a great weekend, I learned alot in a very peaceful healing environment.”

Richard Castro, CMT
Fair Oaks, California
Thai For The Table

“Thank you for not neglecting the importance of the spirit in your teaching. I absolutely love learning from you.”

Lusetta Nelson
Cocolala, Idaho
Levels I and II

“The workshop was well paced, unique and challenging. Janice is a dedicated and centered teacher who is fully present and passionate about Thai massage.”

LMolly Frink, Acupressurist
Foresthill, California
Levels I and II

“My expectations were fulfilled with joy, loving kindness and much, much compassion. This course was the most enjoyable course I have ever done. Thank you sooo much…”

Anne Hurley
Gomadingen, Germany
Levels I and II

“I feel this program benefited me spiritually as well as giving me a feeling of wellbeing knowing I now have a great gift to share now and forever.”

Anna Sederberg
British Columbia, Canada
Levels I and II