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Our Training Videos

Jap-Sen Thai Massage (Fundamentals)
Northern Style Thai Massage (Levels 1&2)
Thai Foot Massage
Thai Table Massage




Northern Style Thai Massage (Levels 1&2)

is now available for purchase!

Northern Style Thai Massage Video
(Levels 1&2 – 135 Minutes)

Preview from Northern Style Thai Massage Video Training

Traditional Style Thai Massage Training Video (Over 2 hours of step by step instruction)

This complete Thai Massage video training will provide you with a strong foundation in the study of Northern style Thai Massage
, a slow, rhythmic massage focusing on soft tissue.


  • More than 134 techniques from the Northern style tradition.
  • 3 times more technique than a 1.5 hour session; allowing for many choices depending on your clients needs.

  • The use of proper body alignment and awareness while performing each technique.
  • All 4 positions (front, back, side and sitting) as taught by the Institute of Thai Massage (ITM) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Over 2 hours of professional video
  • Step by step narration and instruction
  • Comes with a PDF practice manual.
  • Demonstrated by Advanced teacher – Janice Gagnon
  • Complete session performed in real time

The Jap Sen Video is now available for purchase!

Jap Sen Style Thai Massage Video
(60 Minutes)

T his is the most complete training video available of Jap Sen Style Thai massage. It is instructed by Janice Gagnon, pioneer and expert in Thai Massage training with over 20 years of teaching experience, since 1997. The Jap Sen video is a part of our complete Thai Massage Video Training program which includes 4 videos that total more than 5 hours of video time and also includes the corresponding practice manuals for each course.

  • 60 minutes of professional video
  • More than 60 protocols
  • 80+ Jap-Sen techniques
  • Step by step narration and instruction
  • Illustrations and animations of the Acupressure points and the Energy lines (Sen-Lines)
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Close-up views of hand work
  • Demonstrated by Advanced teacher – Janice Gagnon
  • Complete session performed in real time

Practice Manual Included with all of our videos!

Northern Style 1&2 video comes with an 84 page practice manual. The Jap-Sen video comes with a 33 page practice manual.

Picture of Thai Massage Video Training Manual

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Our combined instructional videos include hundreds of protocols and techniques

Northern Style Video includes more than 120 protocols over 200 techniques

Jap Sen Video includes more than 60 protocols and 80+ techniques

Why Jap Sen ?

A deep therapeutic Thai Massage style, founded by Master healer Lek Chaiya

Jap Sen Herbal Thai massage was founded by Master healer LekChaiya from Chiang Mai, Thailand. ‘Jap’ means “to grasp” and ‘Sen’ is the name given to the Thai Energy Lines. It is a deep therapeutic massage style. The technique is characterized by using your thumbs, elbows, palms and heels to hook into the energy lines and then soften as you roll over muscles, nerves or tendons. The approach is precise and technical and every technique has a unique purpose and function. Jap Sen style specializes in relieving painful and even debilitating conditions. It focuses particularly on improving joint functioning and realigns the body so that the patient experiences increased flexibility and range of motion.

Two More Videos Are Being Released Soon

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Thai Table Massage

Preview from Table Thai Massage Video Training

Thai Table Massage Training Video
(60 Minutes)

Learn to incorporate Thai Table Massage techniques into your practice. You will learn how to use some of the best Thai massage stretches with proper body alignment and using your body weight instead of over using your hands and injuring yourself.  This training will stand on its own as a 1 hour session.


  • 60 minutes of professional video
  • More than 40 protocols and techniques
  • Step by step narration and instruction
  • Comes with a PDF practice manual.
  • Demonstrated by Advanced teacher – Janice Gagnon
  • Complete 1 hour session performed in real time

Thai Foot Massage

Preview from Thai Massage Video Foot Reflexology Training

Thai Foot Massage Training Video
(30 Minutes)

Learn specialized Thai foot massage techniques that will provide you with a 30-60 minute session on the feet.  Theory of reflexology will be incorporated in order to understand the therapeutic effects of the techniques.  Thai foot sticks, powder and Exotic Thai oils will be used to create a divinely soothing and effective foot treatment.


  • Professional video
  • More than 40 protocols and techniques
  • Step by step narration and instruction
  • Comes with a PDF practice manual.
  • Demonstrated by Advanced teacher – Janice Gagnon
  • 30-60 minutes session performed in real time

Our 'Complete Video Package' includes all 4 training videos

Created by Janice Gagnon of The Lek Chaiya Lineage

Jap Sen: A Matriarchal (Female) lineage of Traditional Thai Massage

Janice Gagnon

Janice Gagnon

Spirit Winds Founder & Advanced Instructor

Janice Gagnon has been studying throughout all regions of Thailand since 1996. She is recognized as an Advanced Instructor and Therapist. Janice has studied extensively one-to-one with Master Lek Chaiya in Jap Sen Herbal Thai Massage since 1996. She brought Lek to California many times and co-taught Beginner and Advanced classes with her, Janice developed and wrote the only Advanced Manuals used today for the Jap Sen style. Janice studied Northern Style Thai massage at the Institute of Thai Massage and The Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand.She is the founder of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage in Nevada City, CA, USA.

Lek Chaiya

Lek Chaiya

Master Healer from the Jap Sen Style

Lek Chaiya, affectionately called “Mama Lek,” learned Thai massage and healing medicine from generations of women. Her first teacher was her mother (who learned from her mother), a practitioner of midwifery and herbal medicine in their home village, Jom Thong, north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Lek continued advanced studies as an herbalist throughout Northern Thailand. She learned Jap Sen style Thai massage from her teacher MaNee. Lek became Head of the massage clinic at Wat Suan Dok and was made the lineage holder for Jap Sen. Lek developed specialized Jap Sen Herbal massage protocols for painful and debilitating conditions, including paralysis.Lek Chaiya later opened her own school with a clinic at the center of Chiang Mai. She won many awards for her work and was chosen to teach Prenatal and Postnatal Traditional Thai massage by the Traditional Thai Medicine Association in Bangkok. Her many years of experience and dedication truly have made her a treasure of the Tradition of Thai massage. Her work continues in her loving memory.


What Are People Saying

“Everytime I watch the videos I learn something new. There’s so much content being covered to such meticulous details, It’s great! ” Guy. L

Thai Massage Therapist, Sound Healer

“I know that I will be referring to this video for many years to come. Having a reference and training guide like this, weather you are a beginner of advanced practitioner is so important! I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning Thai massage or any massage style to learn Jap -sen.” Sarah.R

Thai Massage Student

“It was just like being in class, except I could easily rewind the video to see and hear something I missed the first time. Easily the best money I’ve spent to further my growth as a massage therapist.” Marcus.W

Massage Therapist

Program Features

Learn from Experts

Janice Gagnon, founder of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage carries the knowledge of the lineage true to its origins, as it was passed down from teacher to student.

Detailed descriptions

Review multiple angles of massage techniques with detailed descriptions of each step, including close-ups, precautions, key points, energy line and acupressure point animations. The entire video is narrated with easy to follow, step by step guidance by Janice Gagnon.

Hundreds of protocols

Hundreds of Thai massage protocols and techniques.

Training manuals

Access to the training manual used by students taking the in-person school training at Spirit Winds.

Designed for all levels

Who is this program for? It’s designed for all levels. Just like our hands on training at our school, we receive students who are beginners to intermediate, all the way to experienced body workers in Thai and other healing arts styles. As healers, we always strive to expand and grow our knowledge.

Private online forum

Free access to join our online private group forum with Janice Gagnon.

Online and mobile Access

You can view the videos online or on the gumroad mobile app, available for android and ios.

Access for life

Access for life to hours of step by step tutorials and hundreds of Thai massage protocols and techniques in 4 body positions.

Exclusive discounts

Exclusive special discount of $50 towards the corresponding LIVE school training programs.

Life time updates

Free life time updates of any new versions of the video or program manuals.

For New and Experienced Massage Practitioners

Easy to Signup and Start Learning

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Complete Package Pricing
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Individual Video Pricing

*Please note: Jap-Sen video and the Northern Style video are available for sale right now, all other videos are for pre-order and would be available by 01/01/2019.

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